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Hey there, 

Glad you're here. If you've made it this far you must be interested in reversing an illness or condition doctors told you was un reversible. Or at the very least looking to manage symptoms by addressing healing of the root cause. 

If so then you're in the right place because that is what I am all about. 

Recapping my life in a paragraph is pretty tough but the short version is I lived life BIG! Like real big before I had children. Sometimes I think I am may have done more in those days than most do in their entire lives! My body definitely paid for it. But let's say that the most fun I had was late night karaoke (till 4am sometimes), Dance dance revolution parties & watching the sunrise with my now husband. I lived for the night and worked all day & my favourite saying back then was I'll sleep when I'm dead... You can say I was the life of many parties and I'm a total extravert. During my day hours I specialized in all sorts of healthcare areas... I was kinda like this person who lived two very opposite lives. Just call me Brucette Wayne female super hero... Oh wait maybe I was more like Bruce during the day and Joker at night? A little wild never hurt nobody right!?

But sometimes we change... a little anyways. Fun will always be a major part of the process!

But on a more serious note below is the story of a girl named Natalie that realized that her party life was an imposed distraction many are still live in. Unknowingly....

Her own healing journey started when her almost 2 year old son was going through the process of receiving a non verbal autism diagnosis. Being from healthcare Natalie knew right away that the answers to changing this diagnosis would not be found within the confines of this system made for trauma over run by chronic illness. She began a research journey that over 2 years completely changed her relationship with food and the world around her. Honestly as soon as hope touched her heart her entire world and lifestyle changed.

With toxicity and nutrition on her radar her sons illness began to change and 2 years later that non verbal child that stacked, made no eye contact or even answered to his own name was speaking in full sentences, laughing with friends and becoming the natural born leader he was meant to be. By 8 he was socially connecting and the autism diagnosis was deemed no longer needed. 


We are changing as a society on a deeper level. Transitioning from the age of knowledge & information at our fingertips to the age of caring, sharing & people over profit.


Natalie being from 20 years in healthcare and 8 years in functional health has watched as the strain of our current way of life is impacting our bodies and most importantly our children's bodies. Never before has there been this quantity of sensory & chronic illnesses in our world. Much like the link between cigarettes and lung cancer.. these illnesses also have links with toxcity & poor nutrient capacity. Both of which we have control over.

Because of her western healthcare background she has experienced patient hardship & understands what clients are going through. She works with families and individuals ready to embrace the reality that healing is possible. Statistics and science back these statements.

She also understands the pain of picky eating & lifestyle overhauls and knows how to transition and navigate these road blocks successfully. She believes strongly that there is no one size fits all and that each individual has past and present situations that impacted their current state of being. Instead of creating an unsafe overhaul mentality and expectation she educates how to use current lifestyle and habits to create systems and strategies that are simple and sustainable for lasting results.

She believes as big corporate systems crumble (won't mention any names) due to the profit over people mentality we will shift and change this world. With our once sick now healed children leading in innovation from the front.

Natalie believes in equality for all beings & runs her business ethically & with integrity. Natalie is a leader with the heart of an alchemist, transmuting illness into healing and bridging the gaps often found in the wellness industry.

Want to connect with Natalie... Simply send her a message below.

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