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Work with me

I can't wait to work with you! I genuinely want to help you feel absolutely AMAZING. Like I can handle anything life throws at me and still go dancing/karaoke-ing all night should that be on my heart. Because the truth is we can feel more energetic past 40 (in my case) then we did in our 20's.


People can work with me in my signature framework that gets molded to fit your current needs and lifestyle using the tools below. I am currently taking clients monthly, quarterly & bi annually. I limit my client load to be available to my clients in a more personal way. To create create meaningful relationships, accountability and strategy. I treat my clients like family. 

It's all about you!

Our health journey isn't linear and we shouldn't try to make it that way.

There are no 2 people alike and so there is no one size fits all approach to health, weight loss or healing. Natalie takes on clients with the intention to co create a plan that will flow into her clients life with ease. Simple systems, behavior changes and mindset work will create long sustainable change that Natalie's clients have  come to expect & love.

Grab the 5 day Heal at Home Course

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