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What brought you here is what brought me to create this page.

The reality is I was tired of seeing and hearing people tell me how hard autism was or is! I know it's hard.... so is changing overhauling our bad habits and lifestyle. The difference is one gets easier over time and the other doesn't. Can you guess which gets easier? That's right! The lifestyle overhaul.


 I realized quickly in my journey we just don't all see from the same lenses. Our perception of the world is different based on some pretty foundational factors.

One of the things that set me apart from the beginning was that I worked in healthcare and knew that my answers were not gonna be found in a doctors office. This allowed me to start my search for answers and waste hardly any precious time. 

If you're here.. you are definitely in the same belief space I used to be and still am. Which means you are willing to do the work and I want to work with you big time! Why?

Because I want your child or children to thrive and overcome their current "slap you in a box diagnosis."

The truth is no one gets worse shifting their lifestyles to a healthier version of themselves. Things only get better. Sure sometimes they stay the same for a couple of months but I promise you they will get better and things go warp speed the more you maintain the habits I teach!

Many people talk about "trying" to go gluten free or dairy free but the magic happens not when we try a few things.... it's when we consistently hold onto a belief and do the daily actions that get us there. There's no "try" option. It's a do and maintain mindset.

I help families get their mindset in the "doing".  The changing the shifting. The question is can we go beyond the trying? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We can and we can also have a great time healing! 

Sure some days are gonna be a learning experience but most days are gonna be magic!

What we do together

  • Picky Eating 

  • Mastering our schedules for healing

  • Overcoming Aggression & Meltdowns

  • Sleeping 

  • Relationships

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Detox & Toxicology

Coaching in between each education session to blast through barriers and personalize the plans.

Will you be joining us? Spots are filling up!

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