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I always put off eating healthy because it seemed so difficult but when you break it down it's very simple actually, all I needed was a guide to show me the way

~Natalie is easy to talk to and made the learning process lots of fun I enjoyed the atmosphere and the ample results

~ This program has made a positive impact on my lifestyle and I feel the results more and more all the time

~Learning to incorporate new foods into my diet was a great New Sensation, the program opened my eyes to new tastes and varieties


Terri Griffith, Owner of Bless this Mess

Nutritional Therapy


“I feel great and my IBS issues are so much better, I know what my triggers are or at least some of them. I have been struggling for 17 years. I gave up soy and corn back then and dairy about a year ago but was still having issues. I will now remove gluten. Thank you Natalie”

— Denyse, Conscious Detox 


“He’s doing great. Good things are happening 4 months now that I decided to change things around. My son is now singing , no words yet but he’s more calm & understands better. You can tell him to go get something and he will do it and the best thing of all is that now he is playing with his little brother. I am typing this with real tears because just 4 months ago he wasn’t even looking at him. He was just in his own world. But now thanks to you I think we will get there. I can never thank you enough because I used to look at my child loosing his speech every day but now everything is changing because we have people like you telling us the way. Because it really is working. Thank you so much.”

~ Roberta I.

— Roberta Ingwa Autism Mom

The Conscious and Free Teachings on instagram


“I am so grateful that I came across this detox program and Natalie. she has given me help that has been invaluable for my family. By giving me tips and tricks on how to incorporate more vegetables into my son's diet we're beginning to see huge progress. Words are beginning to form, potty train and more regular bowels. I have found her advice to be some of the best advice, she has worked down this road with her own son and came out victorious ! She's always willing to help ! Thank you !!”

— Meghan Gioia, Autism Warrior Mom

The Conscious Detox

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