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3 things we fail in on our search for wellbeing in the beginning

Maybe you just left your doctors office in disbelief that you or your child could have (enter illness). You're lost and start your google doctor search because... well... family doctors have very little time payed to spend with you. You have your pharma script you dropped off and you're ready to learn how to deal with this new problem... you're thinking I'm way too young to be taking medication... there must be another way. Except the browser opens and it's like a mountain of resources that seems to contradict itself at every site open.

Or maybe it's the end of summer and you're really tired of feeling like crap when you wake up every morning and your totally aware that you've been indulging and today is THE DAY to change things... You find yourself in the same seat in front of your computer with that lost look we all get on our faces when trying to navigate the wellness web.

In our journey to wellbeing there are 3 very common mistakes I see and hear my clients make.

  1. They get stuck in the research vortex. They learn, learn, learn and start to notice that for every health advice they find ... there is another that contradicts it. Should I eat keto? Plant based? paleo? Should I do hiit? Yoga? walk? The internet is so full of wellness advice these day that it creates this chaos where people end up stuck and do not take any action. They just wasted precious "life time" to end up more confused than before.

  2. They don't listen to their intuition... and thats fair as the language of their hearts, souls & bodies have been murky and clouded from the current western lifestyle. It's like a vicious loop. We are foggy so we can't compute what our inner knowing is trying to tell us so we keep searching outside of ourselves for health advice.. often in places that offer more things that make us foggy... aka the drug industry and the cycle continues even though we know deep down that we are missing something.

  3. Planning ~ the most obvious. We are taught to rush and consume... that is what society would have us believe is the key to success. Have more ... do more... be more.... I'm exhausted just typing it out. Without a plan + action you have no results...

If this is you... I assure you that you're not alone. Millions sit in front of their computers exhausted, disgusted and unable to move forward. But it doesn't have to be this way. It also doesn't have to be complicated. It can also be tailored to you personally. What?! Yes people like myself have spend all that "life time" learning the correct science based approaches for you. To help guide you to your own inner awakening. Number 2 is where the magic happens... Because once you're clean, clear and connected you find what you need when you need it and you are awake and aware of the whole process.

I guide my 1:1 clients through this process. The Conscious Detox also guides beginners through the process.

Wanna work together? Simply reach out

Wanna join us on the Conscious Detox path? The Conscious Detox

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