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Empowering our healed Children to make adult decision at their young age.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

My son just turned 12 years old.

I celebrated his birthday with joy and worry...


Recently we have had to have some conversations that I didn't expect to have until he was an adult where medical consent would be his. Apparently 12 year olds who can't vote in leadership can allow for toxicity to be injected into them...


As a parent and child who have walked hand in hand the darkness of toxicity together before finally turning to the light of organic living (the only correct way to live). These conversations are important because outcomes will be different for his gene expression then possibly others.


I never thought I would have to protect my values after our autism journey and yet here I am again holding a protective shield around my children's little bodies and minds. Trying to educate on informed consent. So what does it look like? It looks like

~ educating them on gmo's in every meaning of the word

~ exploring spirituality around what our creator really intended for us when he provided everything we needed in nature to thrive

~ teaching them how to breakdown ingredient chemicals even in medication and understanding side effects

~ showing them what side effects can look like by researching imagery and videos of those side effects

~ Explaining what bacteria, viruses & fungi really are

~ Exploring pharma influence

~ Allowing them to question me... even when it's inconvenient and uncomfortable

~ Being honest that questioning may lead to confrontation but to do it anyways

~ Explaining fear vs data and where to find both...


Empowering them in their choices (even if it isn't mine) because they are our future. Validating their emotions and experiences... as @rustikhealth put it just loving them... working on myself consistently.

This world is forcing very hard conversation way too early....

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