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Here's to the power of letting things go.....

Here's to the power of letting things go..... to make space for the things that set our souls on fire.

Our external world is a direct reflection of what we are allowing ourselves to feel inside.

If you don't understand the power of this statement I'm going to elaborate a little... I'm going to give 4 powerful concepts to build on that you can use in your life today!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day... Yet some people create successful lives & some don't. Also note that successful people come from all sorts of backgrounds, many of them not privileged.

So what is the magic potion?

It really isn't that hard. No matter the world you are from... remembering a few simple concepts can change your world, how you live in, interact with it and change it.

These concepts are

#1 What you say yes to... always means you are saying no to something else. How often do we say yes to something and automatically regret it. Yes to a meeting when we could be building our dream... yes to sugar when we have diabetes and no to our health eventually to lose our foot. Drastic examples of everything has a trade off.

#2 How you do one thing is how you do everything... so if your lazy rushing from task to task ... likely this is happening in all aspects of your life. If you are passionate, immersed and nurturing to each task then you likely show up this way in all your relationships and tasks.

#3 knowing that Fear and Pleasure rule our lives and actions including our inability to move forward and grow.

Our minds are hard wired to keep us safe. Anything new is a danger and will cause fear. It's why the story "Do one thing each day that scares you" can change your life. Were not talk about cliff diving. We're talking about making that phone call to a business prospect... reaching out to that loved one...

On the flip side pleasure can work for and against us as well. Its actually used in the food industry to make us fat. A perfect combination of fat, salt and sugar in a food to light up the pleasure sensors in our brains. Addictions to substances, alcohol and smoking... all run on pleasure.

#4 Without your health you have literally nothing....

Extremely successful wealthy individuals who are ill know that they would trade all their wealth for 1 day of good health. Your health is necessary for clarity and to accomplish anything and everything.

The Conscious Detox is founded in a whole health approach that explores these concepts.

The final questions we must ask ourselves

Are we ready to let go what isn't serving us to make space for what is?

Are we ready to be part of the Conscious Detoxing Process?

Join here

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