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How what we do or don’t do rules our health & why we often sabotage ourselvesI

I don’t know about you but when I was starting out my wellness journey I must have sabotaged my meal planning 20+ times. I would pick the meal planning day and 1 of these 2 things would happen.

  1. I would really just not feel like doing it… so I’d tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow came and I repeated this till there I was … out of decision making capabilities at 4pm.. wondering what I was gonna be making and eating for dinner. Then ultimately cave and order delicious pizza or stop at the dreaded Mc D’s. Did you know you can only make so many decisions in a day. It’s true! Then the brain goes onto auto pilot. Which is why habits are so so so important.

  2. This scenario is also pretty common for families and business owners. I would schedule it into my way too full schedule and suddenly something of dire importance would come up and bang… there was the only time I could do it so I’m stuck eating quick oats and pizza again…. I’m sure some heads are nodding that this is still the reality they live in.

These types of sabotage happen to all our plans & systems that are new. The short 10 minute video below will give you some tips you can put into action today to stop your sabotage.

Watch the video

Pssst .. you may not have realized it but the Conscious Detox is available as a course now! 5 glorious weeks of education, mindset and actions which ultimately = results in the symptom reducing department.

It’s safe & effective for those who are really just sick and tired of being sick & tired, want to lose weight, mitigate symptoms or just know it’s time for something different that’s going to propel momentum. In current times when co morbidities are linked to poor life outcomes this course really brings aha moments & transformation to healing.

I’ve been told on countless occasions that I should be charging wayyyyy more for this course but…. I wanted to reach more people and my past financial comfort allowed this. Unfortunately with the direction of the world is going this course may see it’s price raised as I shift into more full time lifestyle medicine. More on that later…. but for now you can still get it at it’s extremely ethical and affordable price.

Even for my like minded healthy people. This detox is a great addition of knowledge for even the nutrition savvy. It’s that piece that bridges the gaps of detox by incorporating many safe high nutrient dense practices with up-leveled brain education. The live mentoring component is still intact and happening quarterly but I realized… who was I to choose when people are ready to get healthy. Our next live mentoring starts at the end of September so make sure to join us!

Grab the Detox here… while it’s still at its most affordable price.

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