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Lifestyle S.O.S Toxicity 5 Video Series

Have you ever heard of the toxic bucket?

Sad to say but it's likely you are one...Hear me out before you think I'm insulting you.. Honestly I detox quarterly and I'm quite aware and honest that I am still a toxic bucket...

How do I know this? It's all about being in tune with the language of our bodies. I'm also ok with being honest with myself without being critical. Don't worry I sure do throw myself pity parties like anyone else. But I don't live in that space.

Which means I can look at my current state of health without being judgemental and just from a data/inventory perspective. It's no use being hard on ourselves.

Dwelling on the shoulda's gets nothing done.

Watch this short educational video on understanding the toxic bucket and how it may be the thing you needed to know to inspire change in your daily routine.

Watch Video #1 here

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