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Lifestyle S.O.S. Toxicity Series Part 4

So we now know that we are an entire diverse species planet.... that may be huge for some you. We explored the bugs that help us live and talked a little on how to keep them alive.

Now we're going to learn about us. Our inner cellular workings... because what we used to know has changed dramatically in the last 20 ish years....

Did you know if you learnt biology and genetics prior to 2003 +10 years for it to be taught in our schools then I'm sorry to say that like myself we were strongly misinformed.

That story our parents and doctors were saying about us being likely to get this cancer, diabetes or even autism due to our genetic pre disposition has been blown out of the water as false due to the discovery of gene expression aka epigenetics.

What's epigenetics you ask.

Well the simplest way to share this to watch the video....

Enjoy learning about gene expression and how our environment (currently toxic) impacts them and our predisposition to illness.

Genes load the gun... don't get me wrong but in some cases that's only 1-10% of the story. Environment pulls the trigger.

Watch Video

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