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Our responsibility to our future generations is now.....

And we are failing......

I wasn't born to make mothers feel comfortable. I was born to inspire change in them.. I was born to challenge how they show up for the children of the future.

I don't blame our moms of today for not know what they didn't know......

That the food industry giants have been legally poisoning our children for YEARS.... that these foods cause cancer, diabetes and learning disabilities.... that the pharmaceutical industry is doing the same.... knowing that the vaccine preservatives & schedule should and could be changed... that the products we are told to trust to place on our babies new soft skin is poisoning them & completely disrupting their endocrine system. That the governments know this and continues to allow it.

I don't blame our moms of today for making the fastest meals possible because they work all day and come home to crying, whining mouths.... I don't blame our moms of today for packing lunches that have 90% packaged foods and juices that cause children to not be able to sit and learn with their peers. I don't blame our mothers of today of caving to unhealthy nutrient robbing treats because their children beg and beg and beg for them because they have been marketed too on television, youtube and tic tok.

I don't blame our moms of today for spending absurd amounts of time on their cell phones in hour long vortex scrolling sessions in social media because their neighbour, friends and family seem to have it all put together and we are taught to consume the life of others instead of being grateful for the one we have.

These are all learnt behaviours. These are not serving our future children. We have never seen a time that our children will not outlive us until the 2000. That they will not learn more than us because of the epidemic of learning disabilities... we are regressing at a world level that is terrifying.

So although I don't blame our mother of today... for all the things listed above... you are now informed and should be taking radical action to change the above.

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