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Why the Conscious Detox & Lifestyle Intervention Is Likely for You

The Conscious Detox is for those looking to eliminate harmful substances not just from their body's but also from their environment. It is often the missed or skipped step in healing. It also delays the process of healing exponentially. What's unique about the conscious detox is that it is tailored to each individuals needs via in depth self assessments. Clients and families can make informed choices about which detox is for them and what they have each been uniquely exposed to in the past or currently.

This detox when done properly can create massive transformations and momentum in your healing journey. So if you're just in the beginning stages or have done everything but detoxing safely this is likely the first or next step.

This detox is focused on stepping away from unsafe diet culture detoxes. It was created with safety, integrity & value in mind. It focuses on a 4 week program to prepare the body and transition into each week safely, successfully and sustainably.

(New) Module 8

Detox for Children, Autism, Adults with chronic or auto immune disease 

We are at a time of epidemic proportions of chronic and child illness.

I believe the world is finally aligned with admitting that our biology validates healing all these illnesses via epigenetic influence. Epigenetics meaning that which is above our genes. Gone are the days that our genes ruled our wellness outcomes and the time for awareness and empowerment has begun. This new module was created to support gut health (the microbiome) and has recommendations specific to ease detox symptoms and offer tips and tricks to support picky eaters. Lifetime access means that you can compound the results consistently with support, strategy and accountability. Check out the testimonials page for what the conscious detox has done for illnesses and autism.

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  • Understand your own unique present and past toxic load

  • Learning where toxins are in our environment and how to reduce exposures to them without living in a bubble

  • How your body reacts to toxins and how to create your own personalized detox plan that right for your current state

  • How to clean up and recalibrate your bodies chemistry and create an environment for the microbiome and virome to thrive

  • How to reduce inflammation in your body and mitigate symptoms

  • How remove deeply lodged toxic substances from your cells and organs safely

  • How to master your mindset to sustain lasting change in your habits and trust you intuition

  • How to meal plan and prep efficiently for simplicity

  • How to master picky eating and introduce new foods to your child & family


  • Understand the ins and outs of toxic exposure and how to mitigate them

  • You will have the tools to re create detoxing safely and efficiently over and over again for compounded effects

  • You will have the tools and knowledge to help anyone incorporate new foods that are healing (even to your children)

  • You will have the tools to transform symptoms and eliminate what doesn't serve your body, mind and spirit.

  • You will have the tools to create a personalized detox strategy system that fits your unique lifestyle



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