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If you've made it to this offering chances are you have exhausted all Alopathic (western) medicine had to offer. You're ready for some out of the box thinking and guidance to achieve what many doctors and specialists have told you was unachievable and unattainable. 


The healing alchemy is for families that are looking to shift and heal autism symptoms & individuals that want to heal from chronic & auto immune disease. This program will help guide individuals through a framework of healing that Natalie has seen work over and over again. Natalie also knows that there are no 2 people alike and no 2 illnesses either. So each program is created with individuality in mind. Tailored to each person & families unique needs. Achieving a reduction in symptoms and in some cases recovery from illnesses once thought untreatable. Bringing about lifestyle changes that will last for generations to come. 

Understanding the pain of picky eating, sleepless nights, lowered immunity and constant living in stresses fight or flight mode, Natalie focuses on addressing all aspects of her clients systems. Treating the body as a whole and supported eco system. Rather than the broken apart separation that our current healthcare model offers.

As with any thriving eco system connectedness and co creation is what our collective needs to create a world free of these illnesses. 

This program is meant to inspire change, educate and offer long lasting simple sustainable strategies to our worlds current epidemic of the illnesses mentioned above.

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Filling the gaps in healing...

A different path to healing......

Sadly people assume there is only one path and that is the path western medicine delegates we take. Address the symptoms, ignore the cause, keep living in ignorance and one day you will magically heal...or you will die.

Choices, choices...

I'm here to tell you there are many paths to healing none of which will be found in western healthcare. I know because I spent over 20 years of my life working there. Never did I see people getting better from chronic illnesses because in reality hospitals are meant for trauma treatment and not chronic illnesses or autism.

Also understand that healthcare being a trillion dollar corporate industry doesn't make money if you are well.

Simply put you are more valuable sick in the pharmaceutical world. Add to the equation that it is a system that is based in reactive actions and not proactive which speaks much louder than the "we care" statement written on the establishment walls.

Health needs to be done differently for us to survive as a collective. We are the change that we are searching for. The healing is in each and everyone of us. We must turn around the victim statements of "this happened to us" and shift the narrative to this happened for us to change... I get change is scary. It's also necessary.

What you can expect...

Access to the complete healing alchemy framework. Each session a mix of guidance, education and personalized strategy time to work through the blocks and road bumps you are living in the moment to help create sustainable healing. As you work through the guided program Natalie makes sure that session time is focused entirely on you and addressing the things that need to happen to make you successful in your healing journey.

Detailed symptomatic assessments allow for a very clear understanding of where needs are and how progress is showing up. Session summary' s are shared for those healing for their records. This inspires individuals  witnessing the momentum they are creating. Becoming sustainable within themselves and creating a massive ripple of change in our collective. Healing ourselves creates healing in our families and in turn the world.


The Medicine Pillars We Will Journey Through

  • Believe ~ Focused on mindset and validation of healing via education and workbooks

  • Eliminate ~ Focused on cleaning up our eco system from an empowered state of knowledge and guidance

  • Self exploration & Caring within

  • Heal ~ The microbiome through a gut health protocol & tailored action plan

  • Lead ~ How to become the guiding light by walking the healed life

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As each individual and healing is different each program shall be created with this in mind. 1:1 Clients are first priority to Natalie and communication & plans are Co- Created with this in mind. Clients may receive access to extra courses and curriculums dependent on needs and knowledge of healing. 


The Healing Alchemy 

Foundational Change

3 months 900$ in full | 333$ monthly

This 3 month plan focuses on believing, learning & implementing the entire healing framework personalized to the clients current knowledge and lifestyle. It is meant to inspire long lasting change for generations to come that are simple sustainable with the ability to re create this in others in their life. This plan is meant to remove inflammation, detox efficiently and address nutritional deficiencies to allow for the body (the eco system) to heal and re calibrate it's chemistry and heal itself. Focusing on creating an environment where epigenetics, the Virome & Microbiome can thrive & do what they are meant to do with the proper tools. Weekly calls with Natalie and priority responses to questions within 12-24hours. Workbooks and access to the entire framework.

Payment Plans and Special Circumstances can be arranged


Healing Alchemy Focused Plan

6 Weeks  550$ in full | 299$ monthly

This 6 week intensive is to guide clients in a very focused aspect of healing. This program is decided between Natalie & client to be specific to their needs wether that be detoxification or nutritional therapy. We are not all at the same place in healing. Not a one size fits all approach and not everyone needs healing from the foundation up. This program is for those who are more advanced in their knowledge of healing but are still experiencing symptoms they would like to support with a more target approach. Using questionnaires and assessments Natalie can help expedite research and healing to create momentum in areas that would normally take mountains of time to figure out. It includes weekly calls with Natalie and priority response within 12-24 hours. Workbooks, assessments & framework for their specific program.

Payment Plans and Special Circumstances can be arranged

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